Original Rap BoyS Biography

O.R.B is a kreyol Rap/Hip Hop/RnB group devoted to making music that will have a positive effect on people who listens to the lyrics of its rappers and singers.

O.R.B, created on July 22, 1998 by the initiative of the young people of the neighborhood, Liancourt, L'artibonite, Haiti and inspired by the young talents of the hood.

These talented young ones were Sonder Luzincourt, Boby Luzincourt, Rodolphe, Junior Desty, Junior Joseph and auguste. But then, there was a restart of the group.

on September 2001, there was a new era for the group, a new set of young talents, a new beginning by the integration of MC Cool, L'effaceur,  Weski-G, Top Haitian and Don Zouky.

In 2002, O.R.B made its first appearance on the musical stage and had people jumping and screaming for its young talented and energetic performers. O.R.B was given the title the best of the year. After that performance, people starts to talk about the group to their friends which leads to the recognization of O.R.B almost every where in Haiti.

A year later after O.R.B's great success, Top Haitian, a rapper of the group, left Haiti to go to Florida to reunite with his parents. During that same year, there was the integration of B-D The Topmost, a Beat Maker/Producer who was doing his own things and still is, but decided to join the group after Top Haitian asked him to. Top Haitian and B-D The Topmost and the other members of O.R.B were friends since they were a few years old. They were raised in the same hood. So B-D The Topmost wasn't going to say no to the request because he felt that it's also his right to rep his hood, Liancourt just as his friends want to. Also, there was the integration of Master Haitian, Top Haitian's brother, and RBS, another close friend to form O.R.B All Stars.

In 2004, precisely in January, O.R.B recorded its first carnival track titled "Men O.R.B shake shake " with the complicity of: Weski-G, MC Cool, L'effaceur, Zucky, and R-max. After carnival, O.R.B all stars put out a demo cd that includes songs that are appreciated by Dj' S and true amateurs of hip-hop in the capital of Haiti. This demo cd has hits like “Lavi an ayiti”, “Bagay yo gate” >> These songs point out the sufferings of the poor in Haiti, advise the Haitian nation to stop the dilemmas, and point out the responsibility of each Haitian in the national drama.

These young talents want to use music to communicated with the Haitian community by bring messages of hope and self-consciousness. They want to contribute to the effort of the transformation of the Haitian society to peacefulness.

In 2006, "prann sou kote" was the second carnival track of the group O.R.B with MC Cool, Weski-G, L'effaceur, and Zucky. And then "Se O.R.B" was the first of O.R.B all stars which constitute Top Haitian, B-D The Topmost, Master Haitian, and RBS.

NB. Fň'm di nou ti medam yo danse sitou pati (B-D The Topmost) ap di <<banm yayad la agoch ban mwen li adwat.>> it was hot!!!!!

Finally, as a project, the group is working on its first album.

The release of Original Rap Boys' (O.R.B) album is being waited on by the fans but no selected date is yet set.

For more information, you can contact us in our email: message@originalrapboys.com